American Railroad History Exhibit in Kansas City

The KC Rail experience allows everyone to learn everything about the history of the Railroads of America. It is a permanent exhibition in Kansas City’s Union station featuring unique artefacts, vintage rail cars and histories of rail travelling.
The rail experience comes alive in telling the tale of male and female workers working the rails and rode the trains. Union station which was built in 1914 closed some seventy odd year’s later and fortunately escaped demolition. The Station received a historic bi-state fund in 1996 and the rail experience history was completed in 1999.
Once again Union Station became a popular attraction and even more so than previous years with the permanent exhibit of the rail history. Amtrak stop is used by commuters to catch train to their various destinations, while tourists frequent the station to marvel at a six-foot wide chandelier, 95-foot ceiling or 3,500 pound chandeliers among other significant attractions.
Unique shops and fine dining restaurants enhance the visit for tourists and commuters alike. Union Station is an architectural and historic landmark in Kansas City and embraces historic preservation’s importance to society.
Many individuals have no rail experience or ever set foot on any train or luxury train as train travelling started its decline during the 1950’s in Kansas City. Union Station’s restoration enables the youth to travel by train, experience the history of rail and trains. There is no admission fee to Union Station, but most attractions do have a charge.
Some attractions are the Science of Rock; Theater District featuring live theater and giant-screen movies and the Science Planetarium, but full schedule is available online or at the Station itself. Some significant travelling exhibits are produced by national organizations and the Smithsonian. Schedule information for trains are available at Amtrak, with a cab service available at the Station.