Kansas City Science City – Rail Experience

The Kansa City science center is voted as one of the best in the world with more that 200,000 annual visitors. The location of Science city adds to the attraction, as it is located at Union Station a building rich in history and architecture.
Union Station was originally built in 1914, with 900 rooms and encompasses 850,000 square foot. When in its prime as a working station it accommodated millions of passenger in luxury trains. This historic train station was closed in the 1980’s and barely escaped demolition on several occasions. During 1996, the state passed an historic initiative on Union Station and funds were set aside for restoration. In 1999, the restoration was completed.
Surrounding communities yet again used the train station only to post letter at the grand hall or have lunch at one of the restaurants. Union station has unique shops and fine dining restaurants with a rail experience like the old days available at the Amtrak stop.
Because of the importance of rail to the community and to make sure it stays with the current and future generations, a permanent exhibition called the Kansas City Rail experience was opened. A planetarium, a theatre district, and the famous Science city all make part of the union Station of old.
Vintage rail cars such as the 1950 streamliner and an EMD F7-A Diesel engine portrays that a rail experience was enjoyed in previous years. Although rail experiences are seriously encouraged and more touring companies are advertising magnificent rail experiences aboard luxury trains, it is something Kansas City does not enjoy at present.
Railroad artifacts from Union Station reminds visitors of nostalgic days when trains were still of importance to everyone. Making sure rail experiences and tours by train apart from using trains for everyday use to work and back the exhibition hope to instill the desire by the current generation not to make trains something of days gone by.