Switzerland’s Winter Wonderland Onboard a Luxury Train

Swiss rail holidays are a great way to shelter from the cold while enjoying some breathtaking sights at a leisurely pace. With a rail experience, you can relax in comfort yet get to see famous landmarks and truly beautiful surroundings you might otherwise not be able to navigate on foot.
Booking rail holidays in Europe can be a cost-effective way of seeing locations not too far from home in a new way. If you’ve been to Switzerland before, you’re guaranteed to find seeing the nation by train a completely new experience and a fantastic way of seeing more of the country’s awe-inspiring scenery.
Aboard the luxury train, you’ll travel all the way from Zermatt to St Moritz and take in natural wonders as well as rustic towns along the way. The narrow-gauge locomotive, dubbed the slowest express train in the world, gives you the perfect opportunity to sit back and relax as you take in the Alpine views and glaciers.
To begin with, you’ll be close to the colossal Matterhorn – a mountain in Zermatt on the border with Italy that stands at 4,478 metres tall. Zermatt is also home to an ice palace, where you can explore the local glacier’s crevasse and walk through a tunnel 15 m under the glacier itself.
As your train sets off, you’ll travel alongside the Matter Vispa River, created by water from the Gorner Glacier and the Zmutt Glacier, and then head towards the world famous wine region of the Rhone Valley.
The next port of call on your journey will be Brig – a beautiful town to the east where you’ll find baroque architecture such as the eye-catching Stockalper Palace and numerous stately homes. Then, your train will climb through Betten, Grengiols and Oberwald on to the Furka Base Tunnel, which is around 1,369 m above sea level and 15.4 km, long connecting Valais with Realp in Uri.
Your descent back down towards Disentis will be steep but stunning. The area is home to heritage sites, along with one of Switzerland’s oldest Benedictine monasteries, founded in around 720. Your train then navigates all kinds of tunnels, bridges and coils as it climbs 416 m in 7.8 miles, following the track through the village of Preda and then the highest railway tunnel in the Alps – the Albula Tunnel – which is 1,820 m high.