Trains: Still Relevant in the Computer Epoch

Trains and railways evolved from the 1550 German concept of wagon-ways which uses wooden rails. It is simply a wagon being pulled by horse. This early technology made the transportation of heavy stuffs faster and easier compared to the common wagon pulled by horses directly on the dirt roads.

By 1776, the horse-pulled-wagon went upgrading as the wooden rails was changed into iron. Its use became popular even to the entirety of Europe. The real change however that influenced the modern train and railway system was introduced by an Englishman named William Jessup in 1789 with the use of flanged wheels. This innovation is so vital because this made the wagon to be intact on the rails.

When the industrial era came, the engines became dominant and it replaces the horse from pulling the wagon. The very first steam-powered engine was introduced by a man named Samuel Homfrey around 1803. This is the breakthrough that changed the world by much.

Trains and railways were embraced by people and made it as the number one mode of transportation. During early eras wherein the primary mode transporting is by horses, the trains outclassed the system. The train has great advantages which made this mode of transportation so patronized.

Firstly, trains and railways are advantageous because it can carry a large number of passengers compared to the common mode of transportation. It can also carry heavy loads even for very long distances. This fact is still reality even up to these days. Trains are still being used by many nations such as India, Malaysia and Thailand. We can say that transportation via bus is comfortable but many people are saying that the train system is more comfortable compared to the others.

Thailand and Malaysia are interconnected by train and this mode of transportation brings so much attraction between the two countries. Many tourists are choosing the train system in crossing these two countries because they are very attractive. Well it’s not just because tourist can see the hidden side of the countries but this mode of transportation is cheaper by the way far compared to the other modes of transportation plus it is a very safe one. If you check the statistics comparing the different modes of transportation, it is evident that the railway system of transportation is one of the safest.

Well if you are thinking that the trains and the railway system is an old school mode of transportation then you should think twice because this technology evolved as time passed by. There are trains that are called bullet train for they can travel with high speeds. They can arrive to your destination and morever it can even be faster than by travelling by bus or car.

If you are a lover of nature, train will be your best friend because this mode of transportation does not use the coal type engine anymore. They are electrically powered and they emit no pollutant at all. Trains and railways are useful and they are important even in the computer epoch.

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